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Our priority is the final consumer who enjoys our Greek products, appreciating the quality that we offer.

The main assistance to this effort is our partners, the sales points of our products in England.

Our partners are small and large food trading businesses, delicatessen shops, fast food and other restaurants in the Greater London area.

We provide to all of them, personalized services and the best cooperation experience as we understand their daily needs and the demands of their work.

Therefore, we want our partners to enjoy quick service, a wide variety of certified products and the most competitive market prices.

Our customers are requesting it and we are happy to present our new products on frequent basis in their area.

We always try to offer any discount that our Greek suppliers provide to us so both our partners and the final consumers get to benefit out of this.

The above actions bring immediate benefits to our partners as more people come closer to their business and this is definitely a boost for their brand.

How to order

If you want to order our Greek products, then you should:

Email us at or call us at +44 749 6896 189

Your orders are sent from Monday – Friday.

Orders placed until 16:00, will be sent the next day or in consultation with us.

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