Pathos Food

Greek food wholesaler in UK

Passion for the real Greek Taste
Our priority is the final consumer who enjoys our Greek products, appreciating the quality that we offer. The main assistance to this effort is our partners, the sales points of our products in England.
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Pies, donuts, croissants & more

A delicious collection of traditional Greek pastry products.
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Gyros, souvlaki & more

A wide variety of meat products from all across Greece.
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Fresh - frozen

Plenty of fresh-frozen vegetables blessed by the Greek sun.
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Pita Bread

Pita breads, baguettes & more

Greek pita bread in all various sizes for souvlaki & more!
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Loux soft drinks & greek juices

Loux Soft drinks & juices from carefully selected greek fruits.
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Feta, tzatziki & more

Selected tasty dippings & cheeses from Greece & Cyprus.
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Our partners

As the top priority of our company’s growth parameters being excellence, trading food endeavors to provide our clients with quality name-brand products at extremely affordable rates.

In order to offer them perfect service, we work with renowned strategic partners in the sector, thereby responding to every unique requisite of our clients efficiently.

We want to serve our customers with the highest level of services by delivering top quality food stuff and that is why we cooperate with prominent Greek brands.

We try our best in order to provide services in line with the international standards within the field, offering genuine products from selected producers of every corner of Greece.

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Barba Stathis SA

Frozen Vegetables

Barba Stathis SA belongs to Vivartia Group, the leading food company in Greece and a proud ambassador of Greek Nutrition. The fundamental key elements for its success are: Nutrition, Taste and Convenience.

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Chrysi Zymi

Greek Traditional Pies

Since it was established in Thessaloniki 20 years ago, Chrysi Zymi has been making products that combine innovation with. With products distinguished by their high level of quality, great variety, creativity of recipes and extraordinary flavour.

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Hellenic Dough

HELLENIC DOUGH – ARABATZIS, rank among the most up-todate food production companies not only in Greece but also in Europe, which from its founding has been operating with the philosophy of producing high – quality products.

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Natural greek

It all started in the early 1950s. When Panagiotis Marlafekas founded “LOUX”, a small family business initially producing orange drink, lemonade and soda water.

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